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to the world premiere of Bean & Hat!

Katie Gartlan-Close

When will the guests arrive?

How do you throw a funeral for a book?

And, are dreams really rocket science?


Welcome to the world of Bean & Hat!


A world of wonder, curiosity, and big questions about life, death and dreams. Come be silly with Bean & Hat in this dark comedy as they transform their little attic into all kinds of places – where dreams can become a reality and death is a scary but beautiful unknown. A show for the young and young at heart!

Bean & Hat are best friends. Bean is curious and emotional, while Hat takes life more seriously. Together, they dream up magical worlds in their attic. When Hat realizes they must leave, they embark on a journey with Bean to live out their wildest dreams and explore what it means to live, die, and grow up.

Presented through clowning, the world premiere of Bean & Hat walks a fine line between hilarious comedy and a dark meditation on death. Via short vignettes, the play explores simple human desires, gender fluidity and expression, how mortality impacts mundane tasks, and above all, the moments that make life worth living.



Showtimes and Dates


April 12

7:30 PM – Preview

April 13

7:30 PM – Opening

April 14 – 15

7:30 PM

April 15 – 16

2 PM

The Cultch

1895 Venables St. Vancouver,

British Columbia

Meet Bean & Hat
The actor Rhyan McCorkindale who plays the character Bean. They are sitting with their hands clasped in front of them.


The actor Geneva Perkins who plays Hat. She is sitting in an armchair with knees folded toward her chest.



If you have the means, please consider donating
to the world-premiere of Bean & Hat! 

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